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Working Across Culturess

TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE is a global resource for business improvement. The power of SOCIAL STYLE is in understanding behavioral differences and modifying our behavior to improve interactions with others. This can be especially important – and challenging — in international situations.

TRACOM offers a variety of international norms to reflect the culture and behavioral standards of individual countries and geographic regions. In doing so, people receive feedback that is most meaningful for them.

  • TRACOM offers 85 SOCIAL STYLE Universal norms, which includes updates to 50 existing norms and the addition of 35 new norms.
  • SOCIAL STYLE Profiles are offered in a wide variety of international languages. The use of local-country language results in more effective training programs.

Benefits of strategic global training include instituting a global culture among internationally operating corporations, creating a common suite of performance standard and establishing standardized, efficient business processes.

Working Across Cultures Research and Resources

SOCIAL STYLE Norms Overview Video

If you are using our Profiles outside the U.S., it’s important to understand cultural differences and how they can impact training programs. Norms tailor an assessment and profile to a specific audience such as geography or job function. See why they matter.

Working Across Cultures

Relationship Between Versatility and Diversity Among Leaders

This TRACOM study found that managers with high Versatility skills were rated significantly more effective at promoting diversity and inclusiveness than managers with lower Versatility by evaluating various diversity and inclusiveness (D&I) measures.

Working Across Cultures

International Collaboration – It’s Not Easy, But it Leads to Better Results

Trying to implement collaboration efforts with people on the other side of the planet may sound impossible but it can generate so much . This blog discusses the value of international collaboration.

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