Solutions & areas of expertise

Our Expertise & Solutions areas:

Mentor Top Solutions creates and delive integrated solutions for training, consulting and coaching areas, designed and developed for small and medium organisations, corporations, for teams, managers and leaders, and for individual contributors, those persons what decided to contribute and challenge themselves their personal development path and objectives.
Use our expertise!
We, at Mentor Top Solutions have gained, locally from more than 21 years and globally from more than 60 years, a solid and unique expertise from different industries, hence we successfully deliver programs and projects, resourses and support for all our types of clients: small and medium organisations, corporations divisions/departments, teams, managers and leaders, HiPO (high potential) employees and Professional specialists - trainers,consultantsor coaches, and also individual contributors - those peoples what decide to invest in their self development.

See our Solutions & methodologies portfolio, consolidated in time through all our Instructions and trainings projects, open session events and practical workshops, consultancy delivered in the area of OD, Change Management, People performance and Talent Management , and in a later stage our company development through different Coaching & Councelling Programms, all designed and delivered starting from our client's needs, bussines context and challenges, or adapted to their realities, objectives and strategies.

FIND HERE some of our key methodologies and tools we use in our work :

  • Assessments and high precision measurements pre and after organizational intervention:
  • Online researches & measurements and Paper tests & niche' assessments
  • 360º tools for different areas of developments (leadership, communication, leadership, etc.)
  • TNA (training needs assessments) questionnaire in any training intervention
  • Group Knowledge Radar assessments, enhanced assessment and individual profiles, etc.
  • 1:1 or Group personal and organisational tailored developement solutions in the area of individual efficiency and business success
  • Individual and group facilitation through Counselling and Coaching
  • Online gaming and gamifications sessions for rising the managerial skills and also to dimin potential business risks, and in the meantime challange creatively the leaders and HiPo from our programes
  • "Before" & "After" on the shelves trainings and resources , online self-perception assessments, online Follow-Up's training interventions, e-learning platforms, etc. .

Our clients results are our meaning and also our company and individual's successes. That's why we are open to any new challenge and new area of expertise to develop for our clients performance, business sustainability and success.