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In more than 20 years of direct local learning & development experiences, and almost more than 60 yearsof cumulated know-how, grasped from common practices, researches and experiences developed through regional or global projects, we've learned HOW TO APPLY AND CUSTOM all training methodologies and assessment tools to our Client's industry, business context.

We know better HOW to align any training initiative to your organisational's objectives and development needs. We provoke your peoples to bring visible results their company.


Thanks to our Clients's trust and Partner's know-how and support, we continue learn to be better learners and become experts in sharing it!
We know how to develop with success tailored learning processes and deploy a solid and up-to-date customisation methodologies for any training or learning event, so anytime you or your organisation are in need to equilibrate and manage any team's or organisational learning gap, or to exceed your profit margins & efficiency levels, and moreover to boost your present peoples alignment, just apply one of our innovative training solutions!

“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.”

Walter E. Disney


OUR MENTOR’s Training approach

We are different!

In a training we are quite different from others, because beside theories, processes, models and adapted teaching methodologies, we bring real life experiences and valid challenges, giving power and energy to all participants for looking and analysing their old patterns of behaviours and thinking.
Hence, we become their real image in an neutral mirror, for measure, analyse and learn to find new ways of managing the gaps between their own perception vs. others, gaps what usually occurred in front of them without knowing it and disturb their results and personal efficiency. In this way we provoke them right in our sessions to define and aligned themselves to the their new created future's results.

Warnings !
All these inputs and learning's experiences of our participants are not always “lovely”, in their expected “comfort areas”, as peoples are used to have in their trainings, but contrary!
Often we bring them tough challenges and quite discomfort, showing them in their mirrors the blind spots or covered areas from their perception and help them to discover what's nececery to build from that moment new patterns of behaviors or thinking.

Our way is to confronte people with their realities ,before any consolidated learning to be happened, just for obtaining real measured results for our participants and clients.

Only behave in a different way, you’ll have different results!


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...So, we are not in your organisation to entertain, or make your peoples just feel good!
We are here to learn your peoples to be a better learners and determine them to bring new ideas and results for your organisation!

Hence remember, We came in your organisation to make your people feel real, in a different reality they're using to perceive them! Only in this way the gaps between knowing and doing will be successfully managed, and any beneficial changes will occur, and will continue to be deployed by your peoples after our training intervention, inside your organisation.

Our past experinces for more than 21 years confirm us that our participants, certainly feel this "new vibe" we've bring in our trainings, and see also our consistent engagement to their lives, and no matter they’ve seen or discover about them or others, they'll know to receive back their inexorably power, what make them to reach the new life and results they’ll want to!

That’s why we come back, and back, and back… in the same organisation!

So don’t expect from us to deliver a nice and quiet training, in what our trainers will use give the only new informations and tell to your people that they are only "so wonderfull and perfect in their market", and just bring them counter-flow just a lot of inteligent theories, because this is not the true of what we've agreed initially!

Think, if only knowing will help people to make things better it this would be enough for a new quality breakthrough in their life and businesses, we were, probably, writers…

So If you want tangible results and success, real and health changes to implement in your life and in your team or company, you need to know that we are your most dependable partners to work with!

We are different because we work for you to have extraordinary results! And we make this following your results and enlighten your engagement to results!

We know that many times trainers and consultants, in their run for easy profits or amazing star's image, just make their trainings tuned to trainees entertainment scarifying the company objectives for the participants comfort.
On the short range, being love is more profitable than having results, isn't it?!

But the secret of our longevity in this area, and saving ourselves from any tempest and bad times we've met, is that we bring professionalism, passion and real life challenges in our interventions.

In our past experiences we discover that bring participants in their area of personal discomfort and helping them to overcome their denial phase, help them to have an accelerate learning curve and finally bring them as individuals but also to their organisations more results and benefits, than even we can imagine!

Yes this can cost us losing a contract or two, but later they will come back to us, because they know that we are a stand for our clients real success and life! That’s why we are different, we prefer to identify "this new reality" and show it to our clients, instead of making a false mirror to reflect only the good traits we find in our interactions! We know that we are complete and perfect in the way humanbeings are created, and being reconnected with this forgotten perfection and inner power, we believe that make ourselves REAL Performers.

When we are in different social roles, forgetting about real US, we forget how to make sustainable success and became unhappy and with no tangible results in your pockets.

As techniques: We combine different training & learning methods and methodologies, with Group-Coaching, mediation or other different "On the Feld" assessments, and being in our training means we really make you be in an authentically rollercoaster- training type, what bring to you a new meaning for your success and a lot of tools to touch your dreams!

Llet's meet us and taste our Training Vibe!


Personal development is a lifelong process, so we support and guide you on your Development pathway with experts, tools, researches and methodologies to find your present reality and to design a new desired one, based on your potential.

Through our training programs in this area we support peoples find their way to assess individual skills, talents and successes, and to consider their aims in life and set goals and strategies, in order to realise and maximise their potential...

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Organisational development (OD) solutions are studies and workings for successful organizational change and performance. We support you through our specialised training programmes to cope successfully with changes and develop an equilibrate balance bentween your Knowledge management and the Practice Management of your peoples.

We support and partner' you to successfully work on the OD and to your organisational learning's processes, through our trainings and tailor-made workshops, helping you to raise your efficiency and impact of any changes you'll meet or plan, succeeding to focus your peoples on strengthening teams and organisational agility, to cope with rapidly changing and complex environments you've work in, and learn how to actively keep an eye on your knowledge management and potential transformation of organizational norms and values....

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Organizational learning is the process of creating, retaining, and transferring knowledge within the organization. through our training expertise and programs we help you and your organization improve the performance and efficiency over time and help you how to successfully transform your gained experiences into valuable knowledge for developing your peoples and results. ...

Through our training's programmes we help you to consolidate your learning concepts and specifically knowledge pool inside your Learning & Development specialists in the company. We specifically help your Learning Juniors and Seniors to become more efficient and impactful in their learning projects and processes, and also we put at your service our Learning's local and Global experiences, programs and researches just for improve your Active Knowledge Pool and hence your organisational results. ...

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MIT defines it as: “…structured opportunities to learn, which use more than one learning or training method, inside or outside the classroom. This definition includes different learning or instructional methods (lecture, discussion, guided practice, reading, games, case study, simulation), different delivery methods (live classroom or computer mediated), different scheduling (synchronous or asynchronous) and different levels of guidance (individual, instructor or expert led, or group/social learning).”

More simply, in our approach a blended learning solution is a learning modality that combines individual with group learning, trainer's lead sessions with know-how transfer and concealing methods fro securing the learning process of our participants, and of course offline and online aspects to get the best possible result for all our participants and clients.

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