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Research shows that applying Behavioral Style skills improves individual and organizational performance. Read the latest studies, whitepapers and SOCIAL STYLE research here:



Case Studies


New Success Story – Accelerating Sales Growth Using SOCIAL STYLE

DayBlink Consulting, a boutique management, strategy, and technology consulting firm, recognized the need to equip its consultants with SOCIAL STYLE skills as a way to read the behavioral cues of their customers and form strong selling relationships. This Success Story discusses DayBlink’s success with SOCIAL STYLE training for its consultants.

SOCIAL STYLE Supports Culture & Ongoing Learning

“SOCIAL STYLE has helped the company’s teams work more efficiently together, and has given managers the knowledge to better lead” – Janice Aull, Performance Improvement Facilitator, Fortune 500 company. Read the case.

Boise State Uses SOCIAL STYLE in Professional Curriculum

Regional executive education hub relies on SOCIAL STYLE to support business education programs.


Starwood Hotels Improving the Service Culture

Starwood Hotels works hard to deliver consistent quality globally which is why, as documented in this case study, the company created a global quality management program that includes SOCIAL STYLE training from The TRACOM.

SOCIAL STYLE Using eLearning to Develop SOCIAL STYLE Skills

Positive Tomorrows chose SOCIAL STYLE training to enhance employee relationships among various departments and to establish a peaceful and collaborative working environment despite each of the department’s distinct goals and unique challenges working as a non-profit with limited resources.

Sigma Chi Fraternity: Developing Leadership in Students

Sigma Chi Horizons was launched as a leadership development opportunity for undergraduate members of Sigma Chi


Enabling Student Achievement Through Teacher Training

Supported by the TeleTech Community Foundation and the TRACOM Cares initiative, University Prep is taking innovative steps to equip its faculty and educate its scholars. This includes access to state of the art technology as well as critical social intelligence skills including SOCIAL STYLE training.

Style Connections Whitepaper


Comparing SOCIAL STYLE & Myers-Briggs Whitepaper

Myers-Briggs is a popular personality assessment. But there are important differences between MBTI and SOCIAL STYLE including its ability to improve workplace performance. Learn why.

Social Style and Situational Leadership Whitepaper

SOCIAL STYLE skills boost the effectiveness of the popular Situational Leadership model.

Social Style and Spin Selling Whitepaper

SOCIAL STYLE is frequently used by sales professionals to build rapport, deal with objections and ultimately improve sales results. This whitepaper looks at how it enhances SPIN Selling.


Social Style and Five Dysfunctions Whitepaper

Given the proven importance of teamwork, why do so many people complain about their teams? In his book, “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” Patrick Lencioni outlines five common pitfalls that prevent teams from achieving their full capabilities. The SOCIAL STYLE Model provides an ideal platform that serves as a starting point for solving the Five Dysfunctions.

SOCIAL STYLE and Crucial Conversations Whitepaper

The book “Crucial Conversations” provides advice for having conversations when failure is a strong possibility. The Crucial Conversations and SOCIAL STYLE Models complement one another in a number of ways. This whitepaper looks at the synergies of SOCIAL STYLE and Crucial Conversations.

Social Style and Getting to Yes Whitepaper

The Getting to Yes model and book are recognized as crucial tools in effective negotiations. Learn how SOCIAL STYLE leads to more successful negotiations.


Social Style and EQ Whitepaper

Learn how emotional intelligence connects to SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility.

Social Style and GROW Whitepaper

Read how SOCIAL STYLE supports this popular leadership model.

Social Style and the Extraordinary Leader Whitepaper

Read how understanding SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility can enhance the concepts introduced in Jack Zenger’s popular book The Extraordinary Leader.

Social Style and Strengths Based Leadership Whitepaper

Strengths Based Leaderhip advances the idea that we should focus on a few key areas that we do well. Learn how SOCIAL STYLE can help.

Selling Beyond the Product Whitepaper

Jack Keenan has worked with many of the world’s leading technology companies to help advance solutions-based selling strategies. Here he discusses how SOCIAL STYLE is a key tool in that.