20 November 2017

The ‘Magic Pill’ for Success: An Engaged Culture

18 October 2017

SOCIAL STYLE and Resiliency Helps Consultants’ Skills Remain Relevant

1 September 2017

There’s no loosing, only learning!
Chapter #1: Blocked in our MIND’s Cages.

15 August 2017

Corporate Study Links Versatility to Diversity Performance

A study of 143 managers at a large multinational defense contractor found that managers with high EQ skills were rated significantly more effective at promoting diversity […]
15 August 2017

Are You an Exceptional Boss?

“Good bosses look good on paper. Great bosses look great in person; their actions show their value. Yet some bosses go even farther. They’re truly exceptional […]
15 August 2017

Your Performance Shouldn’t Be Compared to the Average Joe

A fundamental aspect of the SOCIAL STYLE Model is the use of norms to identify a person’s SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility. In order for each individual […]
15 August 2017

SOCIAL STYLE vs Personality – What is the Difference?

When learning the components of SOCIAL STYLE, it is natural for us to associate Styles with our understanding of what personalities are. Although the lines may […]
15 August 2017

What Do Your Co-Workers Think of You?

When it comes to how we perceive ourselves, it’s not uncommon to live in a world of disillusionment. According to a Wall Street Journal article, “How […]
15 August 2017

Versatility: Is the Focus Entirely on Others?

Language plays a critical role when working with people from cultures throughout the world, and sometimes we take it for granted that everyone will interpret concepts […]