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Consulting Services

We support our clients to put in practice and implement with success, their business vission, strategies, and developement plans, in the shortest time and desired budget and impact.

Tell us your story, objectives and challenges and we find together the best solutions that suits for you.
We are in the same team to reach the results !

Consulting Practice Areas:

Through our past cumulated local and regional Consulting experiences, we build our own methodology what help organizations, departments, teams and individuals to improve their performance and reach their plans & objectives to a superior level of excellency.

We operate primarily through some specifically detailed analysis of existing organizational problems and, after we draw mains conclusion and debate them with our clients, we start together to develop of plans for improvement.

Hence we've consolidated a solid KNOW-HOW and EXPERTISE in the following Consulting Areas:

  • Individual, team and organisational productivity & efficiency boosting programs .
  • General Management, Efficiency and Knowledge Management Programs, designed for our clients needs and challenges.
  • Strategic Management, programmes in what we support the Corporate & Organisational Strategies – implementation and efficient customisation for the local level.
  • Mission & Vission design and counselling for successful implementation inside the company
  • Strategic Planing, including design, uprgrade and implementation of tailored Competency Models, Leadership imperatives, and Key Performance Success Indicators for securing the business results & successes
  • Strategic Management, programs in what we support the Corporate & Organisational Strategies – implementation and efficient customisation for the local level.
  • Diagnosys & Organisational Audit and related Development programs:
    • Cultural assessment with identification of qualitative gaps existing inside the organisations, and settled the potential new directions for boosting efficiency & roll design to secure the new upper performance for the company
    • Taylormed Talents Management Programs - through classical and non-linear methodologies.
    • Potential & Talent Assessment & Development projects – design, customisation & deployment projects.
    • Internal Training Acaademies & Universities, High Potential Leadership Excellence Academy.
  • Human Resources development & Human Potential boosting programmes:
    • Performance Management Programmes for management and leadership pool of the company;
    • Team’s performance diagnosis and Team Efficiency Booster Programmes - design & counselling operations for implementation phase;
    • Customised (from small groups, to 1:1 setting ) Training, Coaching & Mentoring programs for Leaders & HiPo Talents;
    • Assessment & Development Centres for middle and top management, classical approach and a special one with potential & measurable clusters ' values identification, settled for management areas;
    • Customised and High Demanding Development programms for completing internal Talents Management Programs & Academies for Executive Leadership team of the company
    • Industry & Niche 360º assessment tools: 360º-Leadership, 360º - Coaching, 360º - Tech Leadership, etc.;
    • Inhouse Online Gaming & Simulations programmes & E-Learning platforms for Management and HiPO from our Client's Company.
    • Business Plan – design and support for implementation inside your organisation.
    • Internal Communication assessments & Team/Department Efficiency boosting projects.
    • Financial, Accountancy & Strategic financial services for Businesses and New Set--ups.
    • Commercial Consultancy & New Bussines Set-Ups Projects - Planning, Counselling & Support services.
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We create and secure our VALUES for You!

consulting services

More than cummulated 60 Years of Experiences !

More than 60 years of experiences, in different industries, markets and regions:
Beside our local expertise and proffessional pathway, we bring for our clients more than 60 years of individual and cummulmulative experiences from our external partners from United States of America, Europe and Asia.
Here we mention a few of our main partners : TRACOM & Custom insight from USA, The Training Box UK, 4Resuts Belgium, etc.
Added Value

Multi-industrial & Complex Knowledge and Expertise

The added values we offer to our clients comes from a strong common know-how and expertise, we beside our partners, put in your service for any of your project.
We manage any project with passion and innovative and non-linear methodologies, being your team-mates and your team of collaborators, consultants, coaches, specialists and researchers.
We manage your projects, first challenge ourself and your peoples, and second bring true life and new ideas, for obtain the settled project’s results .