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Increasing Sales

Is your team struggling to collaborate? Do differing personalities and agendas often get in way of achieving outcomes? One-size-fits-all communications models fail to recognize the powerful impact of people’s unique Behavioral Styles on their habits of speech and listening. The SOCIAL STYLE Model has helped thousands of people to improve their communication skills by understanding and responding to the nuances of others’ personalities.

Improving your Versatility – a core element of Social Style – helps people to build more effective relationships with colleagues, leaders and subordinates. The ability to build effective and lasting workplace relationships requires skilled communications methods and sets today’s top performers apart from the pack.

Our SOCIAL STYLE Model can help your employees:
  • Use voice tone, facial expressions and eye contact in appropriate ways to put people at ease
  • Structure emails and voice messages in ways that satisfy people’s different needs for information
  • Understand others’ communication styles in conflicts or arguments
  • Identify and respect people’s unique conversational boundaries
  • Improve their effectiveness in collaborative projects and meetings

Increasing Sales Research and Resources

SOCIAL STYLE and Sales Success Video

This video discusses how SOCIAL STYLE training can develop positive relationships, persuasion skills and the ability to close more sales.

Building Relationships

The Key to Sales Success

Winning salespeople are made, not born, and TRACOM’s proven SOCIAL STYLE training can increase a salesperson’s effectiveness, decrease the sales cycle time, and dramatically increase revenue. This whitepaper dives into research regarding the connection between interpersonal skills and sales success.

Starwood Hotels Improving the Service Culture

Using The Versatility Factor Book in Selling Situations

The Versatility Factor is your guide to a better understanding of how to utilize SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility to leverage different situations that you might find yourself in when in a sales role, for example: conducting sales calls, gaining customer commitments, negotiating agreements, and so much more.

Starwood Hotels Improving the Service Culture

New Success Story – Accelerating Sales Growth Using SOCIAL STYLE

DayBlink Consulting, a boutique management, strategy, and technology consulting firm, recognized the need to equip its consultants with SOCIAL STYLE skills as a way to read the behavioral cues of their customers and form strong selling relationships. This Success Story discusses DayBlink's success with SOCIAL STYLE training for its consultants.

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