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Building Relationships

Are your employees struggling to collaborate? Do differing personalities and agendas often get in way of achieving outcomes? One-size-fits-all communications models fail to recognize the powerful impact of people’s unique Behavioral Styles on their habits of speech and listening. The SOCIAL STYLE Model has helped thousands of people to improve their communication skills by understanding and responding to the nuances of others’ personalities.

Our SOCIAL STYLE Model can help your employees:
  • Use voice tone, facial expressions and eye contact in appropriate ways to put people at ease
  • Structure emails and voice messages in ways that satisfy people’s different needs for information
  • Understand others’ communication styles in conflicts or arguments
  • Identify and respect people’s unique conversational boundaries

SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility training is rooted in real-world experience and years of proven research. The SOCIAL STYLE Model has proven to be the world’s most effective way to dramatically enhance the quality of communications in the workplace with skills that people can put to use right away in all areas of life.

Building Relationships Research and Resources

Individual Contributors & SOCIAL STYLE Video

Savvy organizations equip their people with the tools to work productively with different people across a variety of workplace situations. This video discusses the benefits and outcomes of SOCIAL STYLE training for individual contributors and general audiences.

Building Relationships

Do People See a Value In Interpersonal Skills Training

As discussed in this research study, 88% of corporate training executives who used SOCIAL STYLE believed it worked “very well” or “extremely well" which is significantly more than interpersonal models such as Myers-Briggs (73%) or DiSC (61%).

Starwood Hotels Improving the Service Culture

Starwood Hotels Improving the Service Culture

Starwood Hotels works hard to deliver consistent quality globally which is why, as documented in this case study, the company created a global quality management program that includes SOCIAL STYLE training from The TRACOM.

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