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In any type of workplace interaction, strong interpersonal skills are very important. But for individuals in sales, the ability to effectively communicate with the customer and to gain their respect and confidence is absolutely critical.

To be successful with a client, a salesperson must first understand the customer needs and preferences, and then address them. Sales professionals who can adapt their selling style to the buying needs and preferences of their customers have stronger, more influential relationships with their customers.

Improving Sales Effectiveness with Versatility is a family of products designed to teach the concepts of applying SOCIAL STYLE in a sales capacity through a flexible set of teaching materials, classes, self-study guides and SOCIAL STYLE profiles. Organizations can choose the materials and delivery options most appropriate for their sales development needs.

As a result of TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Training:
  • 92% of Salespeople developed more positive customer relationships
  • 87% of Salespeople increased their ability to influence or persuade customers
  • 79% of Salespeople improved their ability to gain ongoing sales
  • 58% of Salespeople closed sales that they otherwise might not have

The application of SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility concepts and techniques can help you throughout the sales process to more effectively plan and prepare. This program will assist you in identifying the SOCIAL STYLE of your customers, how your style interacts with your customer’s style and the ABC’s of supporting your customer’s style need.

TRACOM also offers products for Managers and for a Universal Audience.


One reason that SOCIAL STYLE is so powerful is that it provides us a way to understand how we’re seen by others. SOCIAL STYLE assessments measure both the behavioral Style and the Versatility giving insights as to how we and others prefer to behave. This information is highly actionable and directly related to building stronger, more effective relationships.
The online multi-rater profile provides the most thorough assessment for participants to gain insights about themselves. Training participants or “Learners” complete an online self-assessment, as well as invite people who have worked with them, known as their “Raters”, to complete an online survey about them as well. During the training they receive their Style Profile which indicates their SOCIAL STYLE and their overall Versatility rating, which is supplemented by scores on the four subcomponents of Versatility. The multi-rater provides a crucial learning lesson as it allows learners to compare their self-assessment to the raters’ assessments of them, allowing participants to gain crucial insights about their behavior in the workplace. In fact, learners self-identify their SOCIAL STYLE different than their Raters more than half of the time. Geographic and job-function norms are available to increase precision and Learner acceptance.
A self-perception only version of the SOCIAL STYLE Profile provides an easy-to-administer and inexpensive option for skill development.
Universal SOCIAL STYLE Concepts Guide and Self-Perception Questionnaires
The Universal SOCIAL STYLE Concepts Guide and Self-Perception Questionnaires offer a quick and easy introduction to interpersonal effectiveness at work. They help build self-awareness of behavior and an understanding of the importance of improving workplace relationships to increase productivity. The SOCIAL STYLE Questionnaire assesses how individuals see themselves as communicating and interacting with others at work. The Versatility Questionnaire is independent of SOCIAL STYLE and assesses how individuals relate to others in ways that are important for working effectively with others, regardless of their SOCIAL STYLE.
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Universal SOCIAL STYLE Self-Perception Profile
The Universal SOCIAL STYLE Self-Perception Profile uses a self-completed online questionnaire to measure a person’s own view of his or her SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility. An electronic profile is immediately generated that explains the results and provides guidance about effectively applying SOCIAL STYLE. The Improving Personal Effectiveness with Versatility (IPEV) Concepts Guide is included with the profile.
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Universal SOCIAL STYLE Multi-Rater Profile
The Universal SOCIAL STYLE Multi-Rater Profile provides the most comprehensive picture of a person’s SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility. It uses an online, multi-rater questionnaire and provides the most detailed report including in-depth information on the four components of Versatility – Image, Presentation, Competence and Feedback. Purchase of additional TRACOM course, content or content license is required when purchasing this profile. Certification is also required when using a Multi-Rater Profile.
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Multi-Rater Versatility Checkup Profile
The Multi-Rater Versatility Checkup Profile is a follow-up product for those who have previously taken SOCIAL STYLE® training and completed a multi-rater Profile. It uses an online, multi-rater questionnaire completed by the participant and a selection of colleagues and provides a detailed results report and actions for improvement for each of the four components of Versatility – Image, Presentation, Competence and Feedback. The Achieving Higher Versatility Resource Guide is included with the profile. Certification is also required when using a multi-rater Profile.
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TRACOM is the leader in developing Social Intelligence and TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE training program sets the standard in building workplace effectiveness. Our courses are highly interactive, fun and practical. We offer courses appropriate for a general audience which might include people in varying job functions as well as courses designed for sales and managers. Whether led by your own certified instructors or TRACOM’s network of world-class facilitators, participants leave their class with a better understanding of themselves and new skills that can be immediately put to work.
Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE
The Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE s a half-day course that covers the key concepts of SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility. This class teaches the basics of understanding one’s own behavior and recognizing and working with the behaviors of others. The class instructor leads participants through a series of exercises, video vignettes and facilitated discussion to develop an understanding of how to achieve better relationships, thus increasing workplace productivity. It can be taught with a self-assessment or multi-rater profile. Certification is also required when using a multi-rater Profile.
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Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences
The Understanding and Managing Behavioral Differences is a one-day course that provides the fundamentals included in the Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE course and then delves deeper into working relationships and the factors that contribute to productivity, morale and effective communication. Participants will leave class not only knowing how others see their behavior and how to identify the SOCIAL STYLE of others, but also with concrete tools to modify their own behaviors to create more positive and productive relationships. Facilitating this course requires certification. You may choose to certify your own staff or use TRACOM’s certified instructors to deliver convenient and effective on-site training.
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Producing Results with Others
The Producing Results with Others The first day focuses on knowing yourself, controlling yourself, knowing others and doing something for others. The second day of this course concentrates on the Versatility component of workplace interactions. Participants learn their Versatility scores and the various behaviors that make up each of the four components of the score. Armed with the conceptual knowledge, the course works through how to increase Versatility, which has been proven to be an important factor in workplace success. Facilitating this course requires certification. You may choose to certify your own staff or use TRACOM’s certified instructors to deliver convenient and effective on-site training.
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Onsite Programs

All of TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE programs — and any TRACOM Social Intelligence program — can be easily deployed at your location, anywhere in the world. We can certify your instructors to facilitate the program or can provide our own world-class facilitators to your facility. All of our courses have been rigorously tested in the field for maximum impact and workplace results. In some cases, geographic or job role norms are available to further increase Learner acceptance.
Organizations often include TRACOM courses as part of an ongoing open enrollment training program or include them as part of a corporate university effort. And with comprehensive, turn-key facilitator materials, running a leadership program can be done almost anytime or anywhere.


TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE content and assessments are available for license for organizations that wish to integrate this critical content into their own training curriculum. Companies frequently license TRACOM materials for use in a variety of programs including leadership development, managerial skills, sales programs, etc. TRACOM offers flexible licensing so organizations can select the appropriate delivery options and content to meet their business objectives. We offer consulting on how to best incorporate the essential learning to fit within your time restrictions and to blend into your training objectives and audience.

Post-training Resources

SOCIAL STYLE is the easiest interpersonal model to learn and apply and TRACOM offers a variety of resources to reinforce the concepts that a person learns in their class and help apply Style skills in common workplace challenges..

SOCIAL STYLE Advisor – A robust, online library of helpful guidance to effectively apply Style and Versatility concepts in the workplace. Topics are organized into managerial, sales and general categories and provide specific advise for working with people of each SOCIAL STYLE and tailored to reflect your own Style. Topics include:

  • Managing Conflict
  • Running Meetings
  • Building Rapport
  • Giving Feedback

SOCIAL STYLE Estimator – A short, 14-question online tool to quickly estimate the Style of anyone. Use it confirm your observations, prepare for meetings or make decisions on the best ways to interact.

SOCIAL STYLE Passport — This online tool allows learners to select any of more than 80 country and regional norms and instantaneously see how their SOCIAL STYLE may change based on the behavior standards of that locale.

SOCIAL STYLE Navigator — This tool integrates seamlessly with the CRM to put the SOCIAL STYLE Advisor and SOCIAL STYLE Estimator at the fingertips of managers and sales professionals.

SOCIAL STYLE Tip of the Day – Receive daily advice on interacting with people of a specific Style on common workplace scenarios. The tip can be added to your own website or learning management system. Here is our daily tip.