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"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE ! DREAM ! DISCOVER !.” ~ Mark Twain

Our Personal Development Programmes cover learning & development activities and events that improve self- awareness and identity, develop individual talents and potential, facilitate employability for peoples, enhancing the quality of our lifes by creating a real focus to a continue alignment of our actions onto our dreams and aspirations completion.

Our Mentor's approach to personal development is build on our today continue changing & challenging environments we live in, into a sorrounding innovation run, high pressure and stress, and also based on our common need for spirituality, evolution and self-actualisation.
We are your long term dependable partner for continue development, no matter the hard or good times we'll have in front of us! You can count on us!

We love to work WITH and FOR peoples, because we know that peoples are at the base of any business and individual success in life!


We offer in the personal development area viable and high potential solutions for different life development domains, we bring self-working tools & resources and also latest Ideas, Literature and News from industry.
In our portfolio you'll find workshops and events designed and developed by personal development practitioners, trainers and coaches what each of them has long track records in their self-development, but also in the Other's development areas.

In all Mentor's workshops you'll discover innovative methodologies, what can bring you out from your comfort zone but at the end help you to rediscover your inner potential, personal life examples from our trainers and course leaders, and well-known tested development paths and methodologies and what is important a person who is there for YOU and trust in your engagement for obtaining a better life and extraordinary results !
ersonal Development areas we address with our programmes are :

  • Personal & Teams productivity and efficiency in any working or business relationship
  • Motivation and self-motivation for create a new ME
  • Learn to successfully manage your emotions and HOW to put your Emotional Intelligence at work !
  • Access your Behavioural intelligence for create a difference in your life - workshops, assessment tools and resources
  • Developing your Feedbacker's skills for a high impact and life performance - assessment and
  • Practical Stress management skills & tools for obtaining a highly impact on your business and personal life
  • Train the skills and focused competencies for obtaining an Impactful Business Presentations, through our partner Training Box from UK.
  • Assessment and training on finding your own Social Style and Versatility personal resources to a better way in approaching Others
  • Access Innovative Online Managment Simulations and online platforms for Management Global Cup through gaming and gamifications methodologies for accessing of forming new skills and knowledge
  • Descover and access your Gender Leadership power and access your personal resources for success.

OUR dedicated Development Programmes you can access through your Personal Development Plan:

Social style

Social Style based Individual Developement Programs

Social Style by TRACOM


Behavioural Emotional Intelligence or How to put your Emotional Intelligence to work !

BEQ Solutions

interpersonal communication

You can't NOT Communicate so so make your communication choices good ones!

TrainingBox Solutions

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