Organisational Learning

People make Organisational Learning possible!

“Organizations learn only through individuals who learn. Individual learning does not guarantee organizational learning.
But without it no organizational learning occurs.” ", as Peter Senge said in his book "The Fifth Discipline".

Organisational Learning solutions focuses its processes to create, retain, and transfer knowledge within the organization . An organisation improves over time as it gains experience. From this experience, it is able to create knowledge.

Mentor's Organisational Learning solutions support you in broadening your knowledge pool, forming "that Skills" you need to generate a Power Learning Source inside your organisations, and help you to access new topics and innovative methodologies for learning and continuously development of your employees.

Organisational's Learning KEY ISSUES:

Organizational learning happens as a function of experience within the organization and allows that organization to stay competitive in an ever-changing environment.
Organizational learning is a process improvement that can increase efficiency, accuracy, and profits.

Through our Organisational Learning solutions and training's programmes we help you to consolidate your learning's processes and concepts, consolidate your knowledge pool inside your Learning & Development Professionals, HR professionals, Managers and Leaders from the company, or from any functional team inside your company, just to reach your long term objectives and results.

We understand that for a successful project in the area of Organisational Learning, we directly assume and take active co-partnerings in our projects with your Learning Juniors and Seniors, Managers and Leaders from all levels, HiPo Talents and the "Scarce Professionals and Techs' from the company, all of them being those employees that will take the "know-how" and solutions from external trainers and consultants, and will assume and implement it in their company, for obtain continue results and developments, after the instruction phase will be completed.

Hence we put at your service our Learning's Local and Global experiences, programmes and researches just for understand and act for continue improvement of your Active Knowledge Pool, hence bring organisational results at a superior level.


e consider that focusing on Organisational learning means to focus on Group Problem Solving using the systems thinking method in order to convert companies into a learning organizations. facing with today continue changing environment, With business moving at breathless speed, frequent job shifts, and limited in-house training and budgets, professionals of all levels are often grappling with changes. So, becoming a Learning Organisation can be one of the strategical choose to successfully face any present and future market challange.
Through our programmes and solutions we support companies in their journey of becoming a Learning Organisations..

nside Mentor's Organisational Learning Solutions' training portfolio you'll find customised workshops and trainings, Open trainings and public events, training resources, articles and news, all designed and developed especially by practicioners in Organisational Learnings and Learning architectures.
Beside our local solutions, based on our gained expertise in Skills development, powerful Coaching deliveries , Leadership trainings , etc. and consolidated through our continue learning & development processes, we bring unique touch and values to our client' s Learning environments through our active assistance and involvement in development of our external Regional and Global Partner's programmes and solutions , and therefore becoming a stronger and dependable partner for you as the time is passing.

Under the Organisational Learning field, we act on at the following disciplines:

  • Under the Personal Mastery of individuals where we focus through our Training and Coaching programmes on continue clarification and deepening of personal values and visions;
  • Under the Mental models and deeply ingrained assumptions, generalizations, or even pictures of images that influence HOW we understand the world and HOW we take action."
  • We act toBuild a shared vision preparing and forming to the peoples NEW approaches of How to be Prepared for their future, and to foster genuine commitment and enrollment ,rather than compliance to the audience.
  • We interfere also on the Team's learning processes and Philosophies supporting them to start learning through health dialogue and collaboration

In this way we help our clients to gain solid theories and methods, for developing their three core learning capabilities: fostering aspiration, developing reflective conversation and understanding and dealing with complexity.[1]

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