Organisational development


"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.", as Vince Lombardi said.
So just remember, the walls that house your organization simply provide a gathering place for the productivity of your people.

Organisational development (OD) solutions for us means consolidated studies and workings for obtaining successful organizational change and performance.
That's why we, the Mentor Top Solutions, have an integrated approach of this area, what make us to mix different development methodologies for the same programme, because the content it is n to necessary to be bold when we are searching for results: training, mediation, consulting, etc., services that will help your organisation to have a clear business focus and to generate measurable results.

Our Organisational Development Philosophy in the Training area, works with knowledge, skills and attitudes and are always tailor-made to your business context and challanges, in this way supporting you to raise peoples and teams efficiency, to foster your organisational continue learning processes, to refresh and update the cultures, norms and politics what's will impact you, on a long range and every changes or objective you'll expect or plan for the future.


In our Mentor's OD Training Solutions' portfolio you'll find customised workshops, training resources and articles and news, designed and developed especially by our Professionals and practitioners, based on our long track records and expertise accumulated in over 21 years of cummulated projects in this area, and also on our multi-industrial training expertise.

rganisational Development areas we address with our programmes are :

  • Skills building trainings, what interfere in forming long term capabilities for an organisation: like "How to train with Style" - a train of Senior Trainers workshop; TRACOM Social Style™ Certification programmes, Successful Business Skills from TrainingBox UK , etc.,
    • Forming a Learning innovator and Learning Power Source in your organisation: "How to train with... Style" - a train of Senior Trainers workshop based on TRACOM Social Style model;
    • Programs for employee's interpersonal productivity enhancement transfer the competency for effcinetly usage of Social Style Models and tools in any Internal organisational project through "The Social Style™ Certification programmes",- for HR professionals, managers, leaders and of course for Learning & Developement professionals etc.,
    • Form and consolidate the Company'sfunctional & theoretical knowledge pools , a mandatory knowledge management required for any successful change in any organisation, through the following customised seminars: "Change Management seminar", "Strategical Management workshop",;
    • etc.
  • Training Resources in the areas of - "Successful Interpersonal Communication seminar" and Team Working - seminar seminar Books for trainers.
  • Develop and consolidate Organisational Leadership capabilities from all levels through different seminars: "Leading teams" and "Leading Individuals" two customised seminars; "From DOER to Leader" - a Stellar's team workshop delivered by our partners from USA
  • How to deal with Power & Politics - a Stellar Influencing Workshop delivered for Middle and C, C+ levels of managers in an organisation by our partners from Stellar's Team USA-
  • Forming of different practical Working Competencies for Mmanagers, Team leaders or team Coordinators, Sales professionals, non-marketeers from any company, etc.
  • Under theDevelopement of teams and their performance's boosting methodologies, we interfere under team's functionalities areas and its development stages by assessing and correcting any quality disfunctionality or present inter-personal brakedown exist and create new impactful interactions
  • For developing Executive's or Project's teams efficiency, we bring "The Stellar's Team Builde" - seminar, as one of the most impactful and thinking patterns changing methodologies from our market
  • Learning Structured Problem Solving methodologies for creating the knowledge and basic skills pool in any team or department for an efficient "Just In Time Management applied in problems solving areas, etc.

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