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“Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow's skills today" - Jennifer Fleming.

Blended Learning solutions focuses its processes to create, retain, and transfer knowledge within the organization . An organisation improves over time as it gains experience. From this experience, it is able to create knowledge.

Mentor's Blended Learning solutions support you and your organisation to develop more personalised and differentiated learning processes, broadening your already possessed knowledge pools, using innovative tools and learning methodologies and processes .

Through our blended courses, methods, processes and tools, we help you to provoke inside your organisation a more effective and results oriented learning projects, with a high involvement and motivation from your employees, and at an efficient value & cost report.

We guarantee this results basing on our history from Co-partnering workings wit our clients, but also from common experiences acquired from us and from our partners, in more than 60 years of projects in the area of learnings.

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In our perception Blended learning is the that a formal combined with a non-formal Adult Education Programs that combines online digital media with traditional training's methodologies.
Here you'll find a few benefits of using Blended Learning in your internal or personal learning processes:

  • We can taylor the learning for every special experience or context, to any organisation, team, or individual's paces and for any Individual's learning typology from every group
  • We stil keep the Human Touch with participants through a professional from our Learning spaces
  • Learning control and checking are splitted between learning players: there are some element of trainees control over time, place, path, or pace
  • While in this process participants/trainees still attend "brick-and-mortar" schools with a trainer/instructor involvement, they have the freedom to learn in their pace and speed
  • Face-to-face working session's practices are combined with "computer-lead activities" and "active online simulations platforms" regarding content and deliveries
  • Learning Results can occur more easily and quite predictable in the learning organisational space.
  • You can update or complete your Corporate Learning Curricula and Content with one of our Learning themes, models and programmes, or just use different tools to enhance the effectiveness of Share Learning Services, bringing higher impact at any local learning terminal.

Through OUR BLENDED PROGRAMMES we create in your company different learning, performance and efficiency boosting projects using e-learning, gamifications methods, Individual and group learnings based on our partners online learning platforms and continue already generated learning process through our different Applications Guides, Resources Guides, Individual Online "passports" to our different Learning platforms, Online Follow-UPs combined with classical methods of Follow Up deliveries, and new mobiles and PC's applications what help our trainees to make better decisions directly in their working place.

We create for our clients and participants a diverse learning environment, with challenging competitions, self-measurements and recognitions through in this process, challenging very participant's motivation and inspiring them in the same time with this blended approach. We bring a large and documented knowledge pool, innovative blended methodologies and tools for you and your employers, and build strong learning relationships with our participants and traceable results through our projects based Follow-Up processes and direct one-to-one interactions with trainees helping them to obtain superior results in both areas of their lives, personal and business life.

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