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Managing Conflict

When up to 90% of a manager’s time is spent handling conflict, your organization suffers. Many of your employees aspire to climb the corporate ladder, but oftentimes without fully realizing the full spectrum of tasks associated with leadership positions. One of the most common responsibilities of leaders today is to manage conflict, yet so many of today’s managers are ill-equipped to mediate inter-office quarrels.

When your workforce is trained to assess the behavioral styles’ of others they are less likely to require the involvement of upper management to help solve disputes. With 60-80 percent of all difficulties in organizations coming from strained relationships among employees, it’s no wonder why so many corporations are turning towards a training program to enhance conflict management skills and boost employee relationships..

Research studies have documented the impact that SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility have on managing conflict including:
  • 86% of respondents stated they were more confident in their ability to handle conflict post SOCIAL STYLE training
  • 92% said that when in conflict, taking Style differences into account made it easier to address the underlying issues
  • 71% said they were more prepared to quickly recover from conflicts in the workplace

Managing Conflict Research and Resources

Managing Conflict

The Role of SOCIAL STYLE in Managing Workplace Conflict

The award-winning “Managers as Negotiators” study revealed that managers spend up to 42% of their work time resolving conflict. Understanding others’ interpersonal differences can help individuals have more satisfying interactions and help organizations increase productivity and retention.

Managing Conflict

SOCIAL STYLE Supports Merger in the Energy Industry

Mergers and acquisitions offer the opportunity to accelerate growth, expand offerings and enter new markets. They also are an opportunity for financial disaster. SOCIAL STYLE training helps build a context for dealing with business issues that arise when mergers and acquisitions occur.

Managing Conflict

SOCIAL STYLE and Crucial Conversations Whitepaper

The book “Crucial Conversations” provides advice for having conversations when failure is a strong possibility. The Crucial Conversations and SOCIAL STYLE Models complement one another in a number of ways. This whitepaper looks at the synergies of SOCIAL STYLE and Crucial Conversations.

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