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Managing and Leading

Taking on a managerial role or leading a team is a hefty responsibility that requires a great deal of interpersonal and behavioral style awareness as well as support from the people we are leading. To optimize that support, having an understanding of what someone’s behaviors are telling us is crucial. This allows us to assess how they prefer to be treated. Similarly, a heightened awareness of ourselves is important – especially when leading.

Managers who understand how to connect with individuals in ways that resonate with their values, communication styles and needs are better equipped to keep their teams engaged and inspired to achieve. Here are just some examples of how Style supports managers in the workplace:

Multiple research studies have documented the impact that SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility have on managerial performance including:

  • Managers with high SOCIAL STYLE skills are 27% better at managing conflict
  • 81% of managers trained in SOCIAL STYLE say it makes them more effective as a manager and coach
  • A study at a multinational defense contract found that managers with high Versatility are much more likely to support diversity and inclusiveness efforts
  • A study at an international publishing company found managers with high Versatility were 27% better at leading their teams

Incorporating SOCIAL STYLE training in managerial development programs is a smart investment in building your leaders of today and tomorrow..

Managing and Leading Research and Resources

SOCIAL STYLE for Managers Video

Modern leaders require a new and evolving skillset to succeed, and SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility can be a large influence on leadership effectiveness. TRACOM offers courses, assessments and norms developed specifically for managers and leaders.

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Boise State Uses SOCIAL STYLE in Professional Curriculum

This Success Story discusses the use of TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model as a central focus of the Leadership and Management Courses, as well as the Business and Communication courses offered at Boise State University.

foto Boise State Uses SOCIAL STYLE in Professional Curriculum

SOCIAL STYLE and Situational Leadership Video

Situational Leadership® II (SLII®) 1 by the Ken Blanchard Companies is a popular model for learning to improve leadership effectiveness. The SOCIAL STYLE Model can enhance the effectiveness of the SLII model by describing a framework for understanding the behavioral style and preferences not only of followers, but of leaders themselves.

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