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Coaching Skills

The ability to be an encouraging coach is a fundamental skill in many different industries and job functions. Whether you work in the electronic industry or the health industry, whether you are a regional manager or a registered nurse, the ability to effectively coach others is a highly sought after skill.

With an understanding of SOCIAL STYLE, those who take on the responsibility of coaching are better equipped to:

  • Adapt criticism to be delivered in a way that is most constructive and useful to the respective audience
  • Influence and motivate staff and fellow employees to help achieve imperative goals and objectives
  • Inspire others to help them achieve their greatest potentials

Versatility can help coaches to respond to the distinct needs and preferences of coachees from diverse backgrounds.

Coaching Research and Resources

Coaching Skills

Using SOCIAL STYLE® Training for More Successful Coaching

Reseach finds that as a result of SOCIAL STYLE training, 82% of respondents say that it’s easier for them to give coaching feedback to people, even if the feedback is negative. Understanding SOCIAL STYLE has helped 96.9% of participants to be more effective coaches.

Coaching Skills

Coaching with Style Guide Sneak Peek

Learn how you can apply SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility concepts during coaching to enhance relationships with those you coach or, at the very least, to ensure that Style differences do not get in the way of successful and productive coaching.

Coaching Skills

Social Style and GROW Whitepaper

GROW is an acronym for a four-step process of Goal, Reality, Options and Way Forward. This whitepaper looks at how GROW and Style can support and enhance individual and organizational performance.

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