SOCIAL STYLE and Resiliency Helps Consultants’ Skills Remain Relevant

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1 September 2017
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20 November 2017
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The consulting industry has undergone significant changes over the last 15 years driven by both client demands and regulatory requirements. Clients are looking for consultants who can provide a combination of expertise in functional areas such as technology, finance or operations along with the ability to execute practical solutions, often globally.

New Success Story - Developing an Insightful Sales Capability

New Success Story - Developing an Insightful Sales Capability

Developing an Insightful Sales Capability

TRACOM recently paired up with a large-scale consulting company who employed both SOCIAL STYLE training and Resiliency training to leverage their employees’ abilities to succeed.

As Accenture CEO, Pierre Nanterme said in an interview with Harvard Business Review “The consultancy business is in the midst of radical change. And if I had to characterize the trend, if you will, it would be from issue to outcome. ”
Whether it’s the world’s largest consultancies, or small, niche firms, consultants consistently turn to TRACOM’s Social Intelligence training to develop the abilities of their people. Read a new Social Intelligence Success Story about how one global consulting firm is providing SOCIAL STYLE and Adaptive Mindset skills training to their business development professionals.

Using TRACOM’s multi-rater profiles, the participants receive highly personalized input on how they are perceived by clients, colleagues and managers and then undergo a day-long training program to develop new sales skills such as developing rapport, overcoming objections, selling to groups and closing the deal
The TRACOM SOCIAL STYLE and resiliency courses are evaluated using the company’s sophisticated training benchmarks and receive consistently high scores for their relevance, quality and value from participants. And while consultants can often be an extremely skeptical audience, these TRACOM courses met that challenge. Participant feedback such as the course “provided new ways of thinking and how to approach my prospects,” were common.

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