Corporate Study Links Versatility to Diversity Performance

Are You an Exceptional Boss?
Are You an Exceptional Boss?
15 August 2017
There’s no loosing, only learning! <br /> Chapter #1: Blocked in our MIND’s Cages.
There’s no loosing, only learning!
Chapter #1: Blocked in our MIND’s Cages.
1 September 2017
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Corporate Study Links Versatility to Diversity Performance

A study of 143 managers at a large multinational defense contractor found that managers with high EQ skills were rated significantly more effective at promoting diversity and inclusiveness than managers with lower EQ.  The study involved asking managers’ direct reports to evaluate their bosses’ behavior on various diversity and inclusiveness (D&I) measures such as understanding the perspective of others, supporting mentoring, valuing the opinions of others, treating others with respect and fostering a welcoming team environment.

TRACOM’s new Diversity & Leadership whitepaper discusses the findings of this research including:

  • Managers with high Versatility/EQ were more likely to engage in pro-diversity behavior
  • The SOCIAL STYLE  of a manager had no measurable relationship to D&I behavior
  • Versatility/EQ skills was a significant predictor of positive D&I behavior and were comparable to the influence of intelligence or education.

Other 3rd-party research has documented a strong correlation between TRACOM’s Versatility measure and popular emotional intelligence (EQ) measures.  TRACOM’s Dr. Casey Mulqueen said the strong connection between Versatility and positive D&I behaviors is consistent with other studies documenting high performance.

“The ability to build productive relationships is often what separates star performers from average or low performers,” said Dr. Mulqueen.  “Other studies have shown that Versatility skills improve the performance of managers, sales professionals and individuals.  This study shows that these interpersonal skills also relate to positive diversity behavior.  It also shows that people of any SOCIAL STYLE can be support diversity and inclusiveness.”

The Diversity & Leadership whitepaper can be downloaded now.  Additional research on performance and Emotional Intelligence is available here.

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